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Stubbs’ Educational Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for many that otherwise would not be able to afford such an opportunity. For many it is a door that can elevate self-esteem, self-confidence, and discipline. For others it is the spark that lights a passion that will kindle a love that will bring them a better quality of life. For all it is an educational experience which enhances their academic skills.

Community’s that invest into children’s lives, invest into the future of tomorrow’s music, art and education. The stars of Broadway, the symphony players, those on the big screen were made in the yesterdays of the may who invested into their lives, be it a parent, teacher, relative, or community supporter.

Our Foundation belongs in the hands and hearts of those who provide the way for dreams to come true.

Our campaign “Dream Makers”, invites you to ponder in your heart, and remember the dream, hope and inspiration in each and every one of us. We invite you to consider helping to make a child reach their fullest potential, perhaps sowing a living legacy through one of our many children.

Full of potential….. and needing opportunity to learn how to make music, SEF makes the way.

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DREAM MAKERS 2016 – 2017

Margaret R. Lines Memorial Scholarship
Mainline Information Systems
Carl and Sandy Monson
Ron and Martha Stubbs
Timberlane Arts & Dance Academy (TADA)
Tallahassee Moose Lodge 1075
Venny & Sue Zuniga

Dream Makers allow SEF to provide annual scholarships. To change a child’s life is to change the future of our community.

Support for an annual Scholarship = $1500 or 12 installments of $125

Mail to:
1260 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Or Call:
Ron Stubbs
(850) 321-9511

An Annual Pledge of $1500 will give a child music instruction for an entire year.